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Customer Successes

Interface for Incompatible Lab Systems

Two major Midwest hospitals found themselves with incompatible laboratory information systems after merging. NetGain used Perl, Oracle and Solaris to create an interface that automatically transferred lab orders, translated them into the nomenclature of the performing lab system and transferred the results back to the ordering lab system upon completion.

The interface, intended to be in place for only four months, ended up being used for four years. NetGain's interface saved the hospital four FTE's and nearly $1,000,000 in reagent costs. 

Generate Harris Trust Documents

A national insurance company faced a tight deadline to produce disclosure documents mandated by the US Dept. of Labor's Harris Trust ruling. Failure to comply with this ruling could put nearly $4B in insurance company assets at risk.

NetGain created Perl software that used account information from the company mainframe to drive Microsoft Word to produce more than 6000 customer-specific documents and met the deadline.

Physician Billing

A physician group cancelled its contract with their billing service before they had a replacement in place. NetGain wrote an interface to a new billing system so quickly that there was no loss of revenue.

Nonprofit Agency Linux Migration

A faith based nonprofit found its Windows PC's wracked by viruses after they installed DSL. NetGain converted their PC's and server to Ubuntu Linux. Voila! No more viruses. In addition, OpenOffice, a Microsoft Office compatible office suite included with Ubuntu, afforded the nonprofit the ability to create word processing documents and spreadsheets with virtually no learning curve.

The customer encountered no major problems in the migration and is an enthusiastic Ubuntu supporter.